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Specializing in business and corporate aircraft acquisitions, sales and management.

President & CEO

Gal Peleg

Dear friends,
In the last few years we have seen a change in how people see private jets. It's no longer being seen as a status symbol but as a real necessity, and so I meet more and more clients who never thought they will one day own a private aircraft.


Buying, managing and selling an aircraft is no easy task. It requires specific financial, regulatory and operational planning. We at Jetsetter will be there with you along the whole way, from choosing the right aircraft ,setting up your operations, financial planning, maintenance management, refinancing, sales and much more…

We do not represent any OEM so our ultimate focus is on our clients and their needs. This enables us to personalize each deal and operation to the client while reducing costs to a minimum.

I invite you to take a look at our website or contact us directly.

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President and CEO

Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft acquisition is definitely our core business and Jetsetter's main area of expertise.


Whether it’s a new or pre-owned aircraft, we will lead and manage the acquisition process guarantying that you will wind up with unencumbranced ownership of the finest example at the most competitive price.


In addition to management of high-end new models we are not discouraged from recommending older models when such an aircraft best suits the client's needs and budget.

Additional services

Operation Oversight Management

Asset Management


Crew Hiring